Monday, August 1, 2011


I think it started with the post office asking me for proof of my address. I'd been receiving my mail at a PO box for 16 years. In fact my house never had an actual number until recently. Here in the sticks it was not unusual for your house to have no street number. That's why you got your mail at the post office. So, of course, all my I.D. has my PO box on it...not a street address. See the problem? I tried to make the Post Mistress recognize the Kafkaesque folly of this request to no avail. "YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME PROOF OF ADDRESS!" she barked. Want me to cooperate? Never say "YOU HAVE TO....." I haven't picked up my mail in two weeks.
    Then Samm and I went to the U2 concert at the Meadowlands. One of the band members (I can't say who) is a client of MO David North. We were supposed to have the VIP treatment. Someone dropped the ball and we were not given the right wristband. Welcome to the masses. The last time I saw that many people in one place I was in the field at Yasgur's farm. I couldn't wait to get back on the mountain.
    But once home I had to deal with all the cancelations, the sign vandals and now my Italian neighbors are on the warpath once again. It's a long story. Suffice to say all the guns are loaded and the lights are on. I went to Walmart and bought a trail camera. Guess what? It didn't work. Mercury retrograde? When the fuck isn't it? Last night I went through the whole night without a drink. This may not be a wise move at this point. Finally we have an artist for the September show- Tobias Yves Zintel. This German artist did the GOD LOVES FAGS  billboard and promises to provoke the locals plenty for the show. AND on the same weekend we will do THE CATSKILL CLICHE CHURCH. Get your routines ready. I already need a drink.


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