Monday, September 19, 2011


  After all my agonizing over becoming a facebook fag and even removing myself from the room for a bit, I  re-joined the party with a new found energy. I had a great weekend shooting the next church invite with supermodels HW and ML and in my excitement to share, I posted a photo of HW tying ML's hands behind her back. I noticed they had removed my link button on top of the page, so I wrote in "Going Jew" and the HWSM blog url. Oh yeah, ML didn't have any pants on. Is that a problem? Now, here on blogspot, thank God, that's not a problem. But when I went on fb today and tried to retrieve some messages nothing happened. WTF? I punched the other little buttons on top of the page and same thing. Then just for fun I thought I would find another bare ass image to post and guess what? Froze out.
   This had happened before with warnings, but now they had disabled my ability to transmit.....while I was on a streak. I typed my question into the help box- "Why can't I post?" YOU HAVE BEEN BLOCKED! Someone out there has taken offense. Was it the bare ass? Was it the hands being tied? Was it the blond girl in Mormon clothes? Was it the "Jew" thing? Was it my new website JESUSHCHRIST.XXX? I didn't have a clue. I'd rejected fb, then come back and now was being uncermoniously 86'd. They said it could be a few hours, days or weeks. Forget any previous notion I had of quitting fb. Do they have any idea who they are dealing with?


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