Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  It's no secret that porn and war are at the forefront of most major technological advances in our little post-industrial universe. The internet is the prime 21st century example. Started as a war tool, it was quickly co-opted as the next step in smut delivery system. The man may still rig the net up to drones and flame our asses, but for now it's pussies and pricks that are driving things forward. When the eggheads at Apple finally figure out a way to physically hook us up to the laptop you won't have to wonder for long why the "finger hole" is so large.
   I don't know who is behind the move to shift Adult material into its own XXX ghetto, but I'm all for it. For all its usefulness as a ready made community, Facebook has failed miserably in offering any sort of underbelly alternative to the big room of smiling, happy faces. I can only reel myself in so much, even if my nieces are in the room.... and even if I block the baby pictures and sunsets, I can't make them block me. (Unfriending seems so mean). Of course I'm something less than a smut peddler, yet FB has taken upon itself to shut me up. (I've gotten around this by making Shewho an admin on the CLGM page and letting her know when fresh copy in the hopper. She then links it to HWSM.) I may take to banging out morse code on the pipes soon.
    Recently Staples Copy Center refused to xerox the church program because of the "Nudity". Tracing her finger between the wig that covered Mystery Girl's titties and her exposed landing strip, the girl offered "If there was hair here..." I rightfully pointed out that the perfectly trimmed punice HAD hair, but she stormed off. "It may be kiddy porn." she said in parting.
   This Puritan, uptight, Republican, tea bagger, middle American, protect us from ourselves attitude is slowly creeping in all around us. It's disgusting. So if artists and other forward thinking drunks and reprobates have to be lumped in with people who make a damn good living off girl on girl action so be it. And being the real estate enthusiast you all know me to be I've started snatching up .XXX domains. JESUSHCHRST.XXX  was my first. I have no idea what I'll do with it but I know it will look damn good on a billboard down by the river. MUGSHOT.XXX is my latest. I envision this as the new adult facebook- a place where the grownups can go and talk about grownup things. I'm sure there will be some titties involved. I have some venture capitalists already interested in bankrolling the project. "We're gonna make a fucking million." All my money ideas are well......money dude. Ask anybody. Get your profiles ready. Now if I can just fit the mainframes in the outhouse.


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