Thursday, October 20, 2011


  It's been slow. Apart from one very hot night down at GNJohn's (at full draw 3x) I haven't had much action. The deer have been staying out in the fields and not presenting any shots in the orchard. The weather's been mild with heavy winds. Yesterday it came swirling out of the NE and fucked with my spot. I saw a doe raise her nose 300 yards out and spin on her heels. No matter how careful you are about your scent, they still are gonna bust you.
   In between afternoon hunts I've been kinda lost. It looks like a rough winter is coming. No work and little savings, combined with my neglected dental issues and rising pressure in my glaucoma ravaged peepers leaves me a little bummed. So today I went down to the river to check on my FOR SALE sign. You guessed it. Gone. I suspect the fucking neighbors in their snowboard shoppe made it disappear. I spent an hour waiting in the Sheriff's office only to be told that they'd send out a deputy later. So here I sit waiting for the law to make a report. Can't even twist one to relax.
   For some reason people can't stand a lack of information on a sign. The fact that it merely said- FOR SALE (no phone # or name) drove the snowboard fucks crazy. Art has a tendency to do that. I tried to explain my approach, and get them to see the absurdity and humor....but no go. They hated it. I can relate. I hate things my neighbors do also. Photographing Mystery Girl bare assed in front of the scowling Satan at WSSP is my way of dealing with it. They are not so creative. Now I'm out another $400 for a pilfered billboard, going slowly blind, and chewing soft food on one side of my mouth. THE END OF THE WORLD CHURCH is Saturday night. One can only hope that will be end of it all. I can't take much more.


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