Friday, October 14, 2011


   I have a tough time remembering birthdays. But now with the help of FB and the threat of certain death if I forget again, I am getting into pre-Bday mode for Shewho. It doesn't help that tomorrow is opening day of bow season for us deer hunters. Last year i made the mistake of hunting all weekend and letting Shewho  bake her own cake. WTF? I can't bake. But this year i can't get away with that. Nonetheless she is giving me permission to hunt Sat. morning and Sunday afternoon. So I have to hang my stand out in White Sulphur, pack all my de-scented hunting clothes, bow, guitar, stand, ladder, Keith Richard's bio, knife, shotgun (still turkey season), food, beer, booze, pot.....Christ, I'm exhausted already.
   I'm still nursing my bad knee back into shape and don't want to hang a stand too far from the truck, just in case I get lucky. Temple is coming up next week and The BAF has been rehearsing some old rocking PG tunes, along with a couple of very tasty new hymns. The supermodel spanking booth is shaping up nicely and the Alien Anal Probe....... But wait, this weekend it's all about Shewho. She works extremely hard for two dead artists and raises Smokey in her private school splendor, all in a small Brooklyn apartment. When she escapes to the mountain I'm not always the most generously engaging person. OK, almost never. I got my own demons to deal with and that usually takes up most of the day. So, when Shewho needs pampering I can be missing in inaction.
      But, goddamnit this weekend's gonna be different. She should be arriving in a couple of hours, so I have to pack the truck, feed the cats, go to the liquor store, wrap her present, etc. It will go a long way if I just light a fire for her before she arrives. But once, that's done i can scout for the morning. Now, where to hang that stand?


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