Friday, October 7, 2011


  Now that the WSSP II barn roof is finished I can chill, lick my wounds, ice my knee and have a leisurely breakfast, reading the morning paper at the diner. What's news? Well, we all know about the Occupy Wall Street bunch by now. Off of Facebook and onto the evening news. That shit's over. It's the 10th anniversary of our occupation of Afghanistan. Check. No cutesy pie signs there. Still plenty of ammo. And tucked there on page 8 is a little piece on the Obama administration's tough new policy on medical marijuana. Seems that the feds are amping up the drug war once again. The G-men have sent out 45 day notices to Cali pot stores, reminding them that what they are doing is against the law and they run the risk of arrest and confiscation of product and property if they continue to do business. So much for Obama being green.
   I have glaucoma. But even if I didn't I would be partaking of the eye medicine. After much experimentation in self-medication I have come to the informed conclusion that marijuana and booze helps a multitude of ailments. (I'm sure it gives you a few too. It's a trade off.) So when I watched Ken Burns' latest doc. on Prohibition I couldn't help but make comparisons with my lifetime love affair with bud. Does it's illegality really affect me? I'd have to say only once. I got busted in the 90's in Rockland Co. I pled not guilty by reason of insanity. I was crazy to blow gauge in my old Chevy with no muffler, rocketing down the Palisades. But overall, pot being against the law, doesn't really matter. I'll smoke it either way.
    In the spirit of this new post-Arab Spring world I have a proposal. Instead of legalizing marijuana, lets keep it illegal AND bring back the 18th Amendment. Lets make booze illegal once again. All you have to do is go to your local sports bar in order to see just how lame legal booze has become. Knuckleheads guzzling Jager and secretaries drowning in Long Island ice tea is not my idea of class. One of my neighbors recently talked about starting a speakeasy in his barn. I'm all for it. Forget the liquor license. As soon as I can afford the copper I'm making a still. Fuck the feds. Blow your reefer and re-ratify the Volstead Act. Lets make drinking against the law.....and hip once again.


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