Thursday, September 22, 2011


   Puts things in perspective, when a man knows his exact moment of death. It's a nausea producing thought just to ponder it. Last night the State of Georgia ended Troy Davis' existence at 11:08 PM. By most accounts he was innocent of the crime he was accused- the killing of a police officer trying to help a homeless man in a parking lot in Savanna. This happened before there was a camera on every lamp post. 7 of the 9 prosecution witnesses recanted their original testimony, but still the State (and the dead officer's family) felt confident that Troy was their man- and killed him. He refused to select his last meal and was served what was on the menu for Wed.- cheeseburger, beans and fries. Why meet your maker still digesting lobster bisque if you are innocent?
   I don't know if I would be an opponent of capital punishments if someone I loved was brutally murdered and the case was iron clad. I think I have enough rancor to want to see that criminal gone. Some people ARE a waste of space. There's a case now in Ct. of a man invading a home and killing a Doctor's picture book beautiful family. There's no question that they have the right guy. Should the State kill this person? I'm not sure. But I think so. This is my dilemma. I can't call myself a true opponent of the death penalty. That said, I in no way feel that Troy Davis should have been put to death. The system sucks. Obama golfs while another black man is put down like a sick cat? NO DNA. NO GUN. NO DOUBT Troy Davis should still be alive to see 11:09.


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