Monday, October 24, 2011


Temple's over for the year. Cold weather is coming and it's time to hunt, get the wood in, put on the storm windows and feather the nest for the upcoming darkness. My ass still hurts from all the anal probes. As Tim Williams put it- "Hard to stop at just one." The Green Mother Superior Shewho is back in Brooklyn. I could never do these Temples without her selfless help. Of course I never thank her enough. I'll be the first to admit that I can be a bit of a self-absorbed asshole. You want smiley faced compassion go with the Presbyterians. Sister Nun of Your Business was a vision in latex, spiked heels and and ankle cuffs. Popul-U proudly removed his butt plug (thing was as big as an iPhone) and hit the wheels of steel with Yusel "Jew in Space"Druckman. The congregation danced until the wee hours.
   We are five services into the second coming of The Temple of The Little Green Man and so far so good. The cops haven't raided the place. And as far as I can tell everyone is having a good time. The infusion of the youthful energy of Sara"Preggers" Budde, Buddy Budde, Yusel D., Beeka BoBeep, Nickel Pickel, Drekes Caprice, R. Kern, Tricky Traviss, Levi Jeans, Mystery Girl, Nutbush, Mother Superior Shewho, Sister Nun of Your Business, Nun Too Soon, Nun of What I told You Last Night is True, Deacons Bird, Al, Marc, Popul-U, Scapegoat Dave, Cardinal T. Epic, Holy Child Leila, The Solid Green Dancers, Dome Theater, Coco Dolle, Willow and all the congregants who graciously agree to get up front and burn some time, has made this scene. Thanks to all.


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