Tuesday, November 15, 2011


  After seeing two good bucks in as many days I was back in the stand before first light. The wind had died down and things were quiet. Around 10 am I went back to the house to grab a bite to eat and ready for the long sit. I called Mupp and caught him up on the rut activity. The cap on my bottle of doe pee came off in my shirt pocket, so I stank like piss. Maybe that will work in my favor.  Within an hour I was headed back to the stand.
   As I headed down the road I noticed a large flock of grackles (black birds) was spread out in the woods maybe 100 yards. There must've been a couple of thousand of them. As I continued towards the stand, they would flush with a loud whoosh, only to settle right back down and continue scratching in the leaves. This was perfect cover for me. Twenty feet from the stand I looked to the right. There was a large 8 pointer (a different buck) walking slowly away. I let him get out of sight before scurrying up the tree, as quickly and quietly as I could. I knocked an arrow and grunted into my tube. In the less than a minute I spotted the buck crossing at about 50 yards. When he cut my track I grunted again, stopping him. He stood there for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't dare grunt again. I waited, release clipped, trying to stay calm. Then he just disappeared into the woods.
   Every night I call Shewho to let her know I'm safely out of the tree and update her on my day. All conversation revolves around the animal kingdom. I've finally let the cats in for the winter. Nicole and Ray immediately go to sleep- Ray in his chair and Nicole under the wood stove. Spooky is not welcome by the other two, so meows incessantly and clings to me. Eventually I can't take it and toss him out. The mice have taken over the kitchen. The cats are no help. Yesterday I got a double in the trap and had one run across the windshield of the truck at 50 mph. The grackle phenom. continues throughout the area and the rut activity is spotty, due to a full moon and warm weather. Now it's raining and 60 degrees. My plan is to hunt. Can't kill 'em from the couch. I wonder what's happening amongst the humans?


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