Sunday, January 1, 2012


  SOUTH PARK is on the TV. It's the episode where the guinea pigs, rats, bees and bunnies take over the world. It's a good one. I'm cracking up on the couch all alone. The last night of the year finds me with a bottle of Nyquil, next to a bottle of Hennesy on the table, wrapped in a blanket, sniffling and coughing. Shewho is off with the  McCormicks at Hollie Witchey's House of Enchantment bringing in the New Year.  I've opted to stay in the shack, feed the fire and drown my cold with booze and cough syrup. "Happy Rocking New Year." drools Dick Clark. Why do they keep trotting that poor fuck out? He looks like he's having a stroke as the ball drops. If this is any indication of what's coming....lets hope the Mayan calendar is right.
    Earlier Shewho and I sat on the couch and talked resolutions. Her's are classified. Mine is the same every year. Get a career. I don't mean choose a career. That was settled 40 years ago. I mean have that chosen career gather enough momentum to sustain a meager economic flow. Enough to pay the phone, TV, and electric bills. Rich and famous? Not even close. Closing in on 60, all I want is a couple of opportunities to strut my stuff, show, and maybe make a sale or two. Need I remind you all again that Cady Noland sold a multiple for $6.7 mil.? Does that make sense to anyone?
   But enough of that. It's been a good year. In fact my 50's (the last nine years) have been great. I got a little money in the bank from carpentry and real estate. The house and church are paid for. Shewho, Smokey and I are a little family unit. The truck and car still run. The LGM is back in full swing. MO David returned for a minute. My health is good. The Old Man died, but mom is still kicking, and sweet as ever. For some reason I look to New Years (more than Thanksgiving) as a time to take stock and give thanks for all I have. And I have a lot. Resolutions? Sure it's always the same one. Even when I say I could give a all know I do. I just want to be asked. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.  



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