Thursday, April 5, 2012


   For years I've tried to find a way to contextualize my tedious, boring, day job as a carpenter as art. As I don't really show in galleries or museums, this contextualization is merely for my state of mind. It's a way of tricking myself into believing that getting up and going to work, and busting my hump all day can really be an art work. I shy away from using the term "performance art". I always found it lame and pretentious. It's like calling yourself a poet or philosopher. For now lets call it "country conceptualism".  In spite of myself I have actually succeeded in some regard in re-classifying my work day- setting it apart from the norm. WSSP and WSSP II and The Hollie Witchey Project are all ongoing sculptural works fueled by my hourly wage, yet exist as art in my expanding inventory, not merely old jobs.
   Now along comes my neighbor Diamond Dave and his offer for me to redesign and brand his hang out as The BARn. Usually I work closely with a client's vision of what they want, then intervene with my own vision. DD gave me free reign from the start. Damn. This was a first. It was up to me to groove it up, buy the furniture, fix the lighting, pick the paint and as almost an after thought- choose the art.

Last night, with the place almost done we christened it. Pigpen Rothman, Levi, GNJohn, New Bird, Slomo 17, Rachel the new intern, DD and I gathered over freshly killed chicken, good herb and a giant bottle of Grey Goose to see how the place shook out. If my head is any indication, the atmosphere is completely in place. The bar hasn't been fully stocked and the pool table is in the wrong place, but with a giant Kristan Kohl hanging on the main wall and three more canvases ready to round out the room, THE BARn is nearly ready. On Memorial weekend Trussbridge Farm (DD's organic farm) will take over the old Denniston Ford bridge as a farmer's market, The CLGM will have a service and THE BARn will officially open with a Kristan Kohl show. Is it art? I think I can honestly say I'm having way too much fun to care anymore.        


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