Monday, July 22, 2013


 No. We didn't hit the donkey. In fact, upon reflection, I'm not sure I even saw the stupid thing. It could've been a deer. Hell, it could've been a giraffe for all I know. In any case: home- safe and sound. After a day to lick my wounds, I'm back in the cage. People keep asking about the lion. Where ya? How ya? Can ya? I honestly did not expect all this questioning when I started building the cage. For some reason, my community thinks I'm always trying to pull one over on them. Even though in my entire career I've never tried to flim- flam anyone, it seems I have a certain look in my eyes. Cops recognize it immediately. More than once I've been asked if I've done time, spread eagled against my car. "My pistol permit is in my back pocket, officer." So today I finally googled "Lion for rent". A bunch of real estate agents with Lion in their names came up. This could be harder than I anticipated.

    Stuff is cool, but I've always been way more interested in the package that stuff comes in. That's why I've tried to make the social container just as important as the product. The "social sculpture", if you will, IS the project and product combined. The building, and soon the painting, of the lion cage is what engages me to all who drive by. People stop to chat, spread neighborhood gossip, linger...... and....back to the lion. How much? How big? Male or female? If I had said it was dry storage or even a gypsy caravan, there would never be this conversation. Everyone would nod, admire, and be on their way. Eventually I found my online lion. An outfit called PARTY PIRATES say they have a lion.
    I'm about to frame in the back door. So my first question to PPirates is "How big is your lion's head?" and "How much to put a lion in my cage?" Well, you'd think these guys had never been asked such questions. A curt message informing me that no quote could be given if I did not submit all "details" of my organization and my event. Thus ensued a conversation as frustrating as all the cage questioners. Details? I have two degrees in art, one in theology, was raised Presbyterian, live in the Catskills, I'm good with kids and animals........or a 8'X16'X8' converted haywagon cage, with 3/4" steel rod 8" oc, with bead board interior and Rasta color scheme paint job? I asked them for details on what they refer to as "details" and haven't heard back. I think I've already pissed off the lion tamer. You see how it goes when you start your lion search? It probably will be easier to take the supermodels to Africa and capture one. Context baby.


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