Monday, January 6, 2014


Finally the potlight has shown on NYS. I know Andy reads this blog- so kudos Gov.bro. As all the wire services report Gov. Andrew Cuomo will announce in his state of the state address, later this week, his plan to allow 20 hospitals in NYS to prescribe marijuana to seriously ill patients residing here in the empire state. I, for one, have been illin' for quite some time. About 15 years ago, when i was first diagnosed with glaucoma, I was unwilling to accept it. "How could I possibly have glaucoma." I asked the eye doc. "I've smoked pot almost all my life." He looked at me and smiled. "I'm not supposed to say this, but if you hadn't you'd probably be blind by now." Even today, no eye doctor in NY will seriously discuss marijuana as treatment for glaucoma. They'd rather prescribe tiny $100 bottles of drops. I take three different types twice a day. My eye medicine (legal and illegal) costs me about $600 per month. Insurance? Ha! Even if I had it, it's not covered.

   This past holiday I went over to my sister's place in Ct. to enjoy a family gathering. At some point brother Duke (the only other stoner amongst my sibs.) and I went out on the deck to blow one. I brought the roach back inside and about a half hour later absentmindedly lit it up at the table, where we were all gathered. No kids were around. Well, you'd think I'd heated up one of mom's silver spoons and mainlined a bag a dope. All hell broke loose. In years past I would've apologized profusely, tucked my tail between my legs and gone out to the car to blow another one. But WTF! What year was it anyway? Had I not tried to marry a gay guy, years before, and been applauded for my efforts? Why the pot paranoia? Instead I dug in my heels and fired back.
   The nurses in the family brought up second hand smoke and the danger of losing their jobs, if they were pee tested. OK. That's legit. But when pressed they all admitted that none had ever been pee tested. That blows that fear. Then I had to hear about the "stepping stone" gateway drug theory. Gimme a break. If this was a legitimate issue coffee and beer and masturbation should be outlawed way before pot. My one brother that I had gone toe to toe with concerning pot at the table in the past, Smokey, was not in attendance. Years previous I had torched one at his kid's high school graduation party. It was 3 am and once again no kids were around. I wasn't drinking at the time and rolled it right in front of him. I think he was too loaded to notice....... until the smoke drifted by the local football coach. I paid big time for that little faux pas.

But guess what? Smokey called me a couple of weeks ago and proudly informed me that the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state was approved in his little town of Simsbury, Ct. How times have changed. Gov. Andy's decision is the first step in total legalization of marijuana in the state. And as a chronic user of the chronic i just want to say that I am available as a consultant. The shul will make a perfect dispensary and the fertile Glen Wild river valley, given the opportunity, could produce some pretty good medicine. Thanks Gov. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. I just hope the state provides some decent legal weed. It would be tragic to legalize bunk.        


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