Monday, June 2, 2014


   Now that I've started to pop my head above the briars, put the book out there, get a little press, maybe a few more readers of the blog, it's kinda nice. Who doesn't like a little attention? I know I've always said that the CLGM shuns publicity, and we have.....up until now. But now that it's been passed on, why the hell not exploit the past. There's a slight tickling of my sphincter. Could it be the onset of "Buttafucco Syndrome" -  that insatiable desire to be in the public eye? My one commentator on HWS would say "YES!", then go on to describe what a worthless piece of shit I am. When I read his/her comments I feel dirty all a good way.
    Anyways.....enough about my pathology. What I wanted to talk about is drone warfare. Ex- spook Richard Clark has written a novel called STING OF THE DRONE. He was on Democracy Now this morning hyping it. Amy asked why he didn't write a non-fiction, since he's basically the guy who started the armed drone program. He didn't have a good answer. My take is he wants to make more money and distance himself from culpability. Either way this subject fascinates me. What more terrifying a weapon than one that strikes without warning, from the heavens, on a bight sunny day?
    As I ponder this, the phone rings. Because I have an ancient handset it doesn't display who's calling. I pick up. " this the church of the little green man?" the voice asks in a soothing Apoo accent. "Who's calling?" I ask back. "This is Google maps calling." he answers. Then what transpires is a very interesting back and forth session with the Google map man and myself. I have no idea why Google maps would be interested in the CLGM, but they are. "....and what is your theology?" It's so wierd that I've just this morning, been trying to articulate this to myself. "I call it THEVOLUTION, an evolving theology that is all inclusive of any believing or non-believing person." "Hummm." the Gman responds. "Are there any businesses near you?" he wants to know. I tell him that we are in the sticks and send him to the blog in lieu of a church website. Just in case the NSA, DEC, FBI, ATF or CTU is listening I tell him we are heavily armed. "143 Old Glen Wild rd.?" is his final question. It's a sunny day. Now you have my coordinates.  


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