Friday, December 7, 2007


I've had to work the past couple of days, just to keep the money flow, and not piss off everyone for being a deer hunting slacker. Al Blanchard, J. Murnzy and i are building GNJohn's house at the bottom of the hill. It only takes me 30 seconds to drive to work, after I check my traps. This morning i didn't bother. We worked until 2:30, in a snow storm. They hadn't yet plowed or sanded the road. I predictably couldn't get the Neon up the hill, so I parked it at Ray Gilkey's, grabbed the .243, and headed home through the woods.
I checked my sets at Ray's, along the creek leading into the Neversink, and even with the stinky dead chickens, i'd come up empty. No tracks or sign of coyote anywhere. Then I headed up the ridge. I got within a couple hundred yards of my neighbor's property and saw a doe's head , ears up, against the snow. I got a good rest on a hemlock, pulled up the scope, dialed it to nine and looked into her eyes. Within minutes she moved on and another doe came into view. "Where is that buck?" I thought. This thought no sooner passed through my mind, than a buck walked into the crosshairs. It was a nice high four, but I couldn't see brow tines, which would make it a legal shooter. 3 or better on either side in this county. I clicked the safety off and put a bit of pressure on the trigger.....

In years past I wouldn't have hesitated. But, nowadays i'm showing restraint. I let him walk. The second rut is just kicking in. Kate Moss may be coming up this weekend. That big one has got to be out there. Be nice to put him in front of her.


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