Monday, January 31, 2011


  For someone who became an artist so he wouldn't have to work with anybody, I sure have had a bunch of collaborators. I ran down the MO David artists over the years, but even before that I started working with other artists. THE MOTEL TAPES put videos by Jose Maria Bustos, Peggy Ingalls, and Tony Labat, as well as myself, in a SF Porno motel. THE CHURCH and THE WHOUSE were both done at David Ireland's 65 Capp house. And Labat  and I organized THE HAMM'S BREWERY SHOW and THE AMERICAN INDIAN CENTER SHOW. I also helped him with his KIDNAP ATTEMPT of Lowell Darling. Then there were THE WINDOWS. I rented the display windows of the old JC PENNEY building in downtown SF. All was going well until Karen Finley inadvertently broke one, naked, banging on it like a crazy woman, during the lunch hour rush. Nice piece, but the $600 replacement cost was more than 6 months rent. End of show. THE FEDERAL PRISON SHOW with THE PUDS  and THE UNDEAD ended the same way after the warden threatened to lock me up after PUDS lead singer Philip Huyser took the stage in nothing but boots and a 45 rpm record taped around his middle, with his pecker sticking through the hole. Guilty your honor.
   When MO David Inc. closed in NYC I didn't waste much time finding others to play with. Carlo McCormick and THE WORKDOGS  joined me in setting up the church and PURPLE GEEZUS. To this day I work with a lot of the same people I did 20 and even 30 years ago. I guess I'ved worked with Tony Labat the most. He helped a lot with THE OLD SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL SCULPTURE (bringing a graduate class from SFAI) for my faculty of Robin Winters, Kiki Smith, Linda Montano, Alix Lambert and others. And I went to Cuba a couple of times with him, once to lecture at ISA and an other time promoting my HOLYLGM water, honey and cigars in a circus tent outside of Havana. Carlo and Tessa Hughes Freeland funded WSSP II this past year and soon Holly Witchey will start THE JEFFERSONVILLE PROJECT. THE BAND OF ALL FAITHS includes Josh Druckman, RI Travis, Sarah Budde, Dreiky Caprice, Scott Jarvis, G. Nick, and more. Tristan McCormick/Freeland is the new Cardinal. Regular contributors R. Kern, Marianna Rothen and now George Holz put the supermodels in Plus I could never do half the carpentry works I do without Al Blanchard and Mupp. The Key Family Dairy Farm will be instrumental in helping me realize my newest work- MY COW II. Eggs and sperm are on ice as we speak.
    These days with the re-startup of MO David Gallery as MO David North, the artistic partnerships are expanding once again. First and foremost is the artist Samm Kunce. Even though we are personally involved it doesn't seem to interfere with our working relationship. Separate houses helps. WSSP( would never have been possible without her. And basically the only chance MO David North has of selling anything falls to her. I'm a terrible businessman and she's a pro. A website MODAVIDGALLERY.COM is coming. Up coming shows with Kembra Pfahler and Mel Chin are in the works and the Holz, Kern, Rothen show is opening on May 28, 2011. I look forward to working with all these people and more. I can always use a hand.


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