Sunday, January 23, 2011


  With the untimely passing of Dennis Oppenheim it got me wondering what do I now do with his "friendship"? I don't really know every "fbfriend" on my plate, but I do have some connection with most of them. I've known D.O.'s work since I was an art student, and met him a couple of times over the years. His daughter went out with this guy Minimal Man, I knew years ago, but that's about the only real connection I had to him. I was going to show MM at MO David SF, but decided against it. That was it. But I did know his work. One of my favorite piece's of Dennis' was him stealing hubcaps out of the San Quentin Prison parking lot. Another was a group of photos shot from above of him spinning his young daughter around in a circle. But back to what to do with D.O.- facebook friend.
    As far as I know he's the only dead friend I have in my little group. After a proper period of mourning do I de-friend him? This seems kinda mean. In the real world I have a church grave yard, but this is not appropriate for non-church members. With the millions of fb members, I'm sure they are dropping like flies.  So maybe there is a need to not only memorialize these souls, but have a nice warm little cyber spot for them to reside. Until they come out with a dead app. I'd like to provide a spot on for the dearly departed. RIP friends.


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