Tuesday, January 25, 2011


   I don't have a cell phone. Wait a minute. I take that back. I actually have a half dozen cell phones. Nurse Ginger gave me a couple, as did my nieces. Then, just this past fall I received a gift of a slick little iphone from my friend Horst. He had upgraded and thought I may want it. Technology is a tricky thing for me. When I moved to the sticks I purposely didn't get a TV. I knew from experience I'd never get anything done. I didn't get a computer until well into the 21st century. But when I did, I immediately set about wasting huge amounts of time writing blogs and posting pictures of hot models to the web. It took me a while to figure it out the difference between upload and download, but when i did cyber space was open for Youtube.com/disposabletv. I didn't really care if anyone was watching or reading. What it did for me was immeasurable. It allowed me to transmit. The receiving was up to you. I no longer cared about putting out a record, or publishing a book or showing in galleries. I could do it all from my little white mac, while watching camels in the snow.
    Eventually I did get a TV and at the insistence of Rob K., joined MySpace. More time was wasted. I traded in the dial up for satellite and directv. The monthly nut climbed, still I felt it was worth it. Facebook came along and I swore I'd never go that route. D. Hershkovitz talked me into that one. Blame him the next time I befoul your newsfeed with titties. But back to the cell phone issue. Sure, once in a great while, when my truck goes off the road in a snow storm I could use a cell.....but then again at what price? How hard is it to just go knock on someone's door and ask to use the phone? I'm a transmitter not a receiver. I don't surf the web. I don't consume the crap that is out there. Who's got time? I'm too busy sending out my own crap. So there the iphone sits, holding down a pile of papers on my desk. I think I just discovered a new app.


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