Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A little over a week into the new year and hunting season seems a way too distant memory. My life structured around the weather, the rut, the lock down, the weather still, the moon, the second rut.....as i rise way before dawn and get home to a cold stove after dark, is sorely missed. What's left? A light work sched. and art. I've taken over the porch (MO David North) as my studio. Neither Shewho nor I have completely decided to close the doors, but it's in the wind. I'm definitely leaning towards moving on. MO David as a concept is a good one- make the context the content. But I have to admit dealing with other artists isn't always fun. In fact it can become downright ponderous. So in the meantime I'm bleaching bones and dripping deer blood onto plates. It's relaxing.
   My facebook artfaggery continues as I hype the new church, now called WAY TOO GAY NOT BLACK ENOUGH EMERGENCY CIRCUS FOXY BOXING CHURCH OF THE LGM, and argue relevant points of art interest. For some reason people are questioning super rich artists who don't actually make their own work, like Koons and Hirst. I thought Duchamp settled this point in 1911? Another point was made about hoping 2012 would produce no boring art. IFF! No boring art? That really takes a lot of us out of the game. Try sitting in a tree day after day, seeing nothing but slowly passing clouds and try not to be bored. We as artists should embrace boredom. The rest of you can try to avoid it. Watch America's Got Way Too Much Talent and try not to be bored. Boredom is such a giant part of my life I have no idea what I'd do without it. Unlike Koons and Hirst, I do my own work. But if I had the money I'd be right behind those guys outsourcing it. I see no conflict.
    I'm thinking about doing a little coyote hunting, but I haven't gotten passed the pondering stage. The wind's kicking up and even though it's probably in the high thirties, no one is used to it. It feels fucking cold.  Global warming has screwed our winter. There's no snow, and barely frost in the ground. The lakes have thin ice, so I haven't even seen Bobby R. and Savage for an afternoon of ice fishing. To fight the boredom I had Hollie Witchey and Levi Barrett over to the shack for a back strap feast last night. It worked. We drank wine, laughed and plotted the spring church. Before Xmas I had found a great vintage boxing bell at Dick Benjamin's. I proposed Hollie fight another super model at church. She agreed and instead threw down the challenge to Horst. Perfect! At the sound of the bell.....come out fighting. Not that's some boring art!


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