Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We all walk a fine line. No matter  what your vocation: binge drinker, backyard wrestler, professional fluffer, snake charmer or artist, we try our best to make a statement without going too overboard. It can be tough to know when a line gets crossed. And if that line is crossed, is it necessary to cross it? Provocation can, at times, be an important component of the work. Other times it can be gratuitous and not germane to the idea. How does one know? I say let the internet decide.
     Within hours of buying my first computer, late in 2003, I started a blog. I had taken a typing class in high school and this machine had a keyboard. How hard could it be to rule the world wide web? I just happened to to be in the last phase of a memoir called LUCKY MIKE. This followed my previously unpublished account called RELIGIOPATH. Instead of re-writing LM on paper I decided to put it down in cyberspace. Once I completed LM the blog I followed it with CHRISTMO. This internet thing was a blast.
   The fact that I could "self-publish" world wide over coffee in the morning was a fucking revelation. I had a couple of readers that I knew of and probably a few more I didn't know about. In my little world it was enough. Then I realized I could upload my DISPOSABLETV videos on Youtube. These were short goofy vids. of me trying to get in beauty school, moving a house or other such nonsense. Once in a while I would check to see how many people viewed my videos. One got 12 views, another 36. Tosh.0 was not calling. Then I did one of a Richard Kern photo shoot down at my Old School house. Hot girls in their underwear? Bingo! 12,000 views and counting....
    I was on Facebook for a minute and luckily escaped. I have tumblr and twitter accounts I never log onto and no longer even bother to check youtube. I'm sure KERN GIRLS 1 is still racking up the views. Shewho has a cat named Mo (not after me, but short for Mojo). He talks. He says "hello" and "mama", "I love you", and a few other phrases, in what I think is German. He's very sweet and a bit annoying. I've thought of breaking out the disposabletv camera and trying to capture his "talent", hoping to get a bunch of "cat vid. freaks" to click on it. But I never do. What's the point? When it comes to art (or cat videos), I'd rather not keep score.


At June 5, 2014 at 6:44 AM , Blogger CLGM Fan said...

KERN GIRLS 1 has 18,007 views as of today. And I also think your blog is great. You have more readers than you think.


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